Friday, March 14, 2008

New Gloves!

Last night was a Karazhan run, and it was the first this week for our group. I count this a successful raid on four factors:

1. We took down 4 bosses, which is good considering the limited amount of time most of us have on a week night.

2. We wasted little time, only the amount needed to switch out a few players who had to leave.

3. We had only one wipe, and we very nearly avoided that one.

4. I got new gloves!

My current gloves are the Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation, which have good stats but are made of leather. I got these on a previous Karazhan run from Attumen the Huntsman, but this time the donor was the Maiden of Virtue. She was kind enough to drop Gloves of Quickening for me, which was only fair since she was the boss we wiped on. These gloves have Stamina and Intellect on them instead of agility, but there are Crit and Attack Power bonuses. But the important thing is the improvement in my armor, which is 507 instead of 228, which helps both me and my pet in mitigating damage.

So off I go to get some gems and enchants so I can wear these things with pride!

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