Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Helmet of Second Sight

Well, since I did no raiding or anything in game tonight, I thought I would post about some of my current gear. And since it is logical to start at the top, I decided to talk about my helmet: the Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight.

First of all, who can resist anything named for a Stalker? Second, the stats on this helmet are somewhat impressive, and they certainly were an improvement on what I had before. Truth be told, I can't remember what I had before, it was that much of an improvement. Anyway, +31 Agility, +12 Stamina (nice for the Pet!), +8 Intellect, and three blue gem sockets. I opted for + Agility on the sockets, and gave up the minor bonus for matching gems, because of the improvement to Crit %. Lastly, I was able to pick up an enchant from the Cenarion Expedition that gives +34 Attack Power and +16 Hit Rating, which probably is as much of an improvement as the helmet gave.

This helmet comes from the quest line that starts with Zorus the Judicator in Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley called A Ghost in the Machine. The first three quests can be done alone, but there will be a point at which you are given three quests called "Divination: Gorefiend's X", where X is Truncheon, Cloak or Armor. It is the last which will require the most help, and although the quest recommends 5 players, we did it with 4 (Tank, Healer, to Hunters - a simple Tank-and-Spank operation). The other two can probably be done alone, but having a group will make it faster and safer. Also, the people who help you should either be on the quest, or have done the quest and still have the goggles you get in the first quest, or the helmet. Either of these will allow them to attack the mobs that are needed. (Our healer did not need them, since she only needed to see the players needing healing.

But as good as this helmet is, there is another I am going for. Since I gave up Blacksmithing in favor of Engineering, I have some goggles that I can make that will give even better stats: The Surestrike Goggles v2.0. These require 350 Engineering to wear, so these are not available to everyone. The downside is that I lose the +31 Agility and the +8 Intellect (I can get the enchant again, though), but I get 28 Stamina instead of 12. The increased Attack Power goes from 60 to 96, I get a + 13 Hit Rating and +38 Critical Strike Rating, and it has a blue gem socket and Meta Gem socket. But the big thing is the increase in armor: from 503 to 726. This is not only good for me, but also increases my pet's armor too. And since I am BM spec, having my pet alive greatly increases the damage that I can do.

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