Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hello, fellow World of Warcraft Hunters, and all of you who simply want to learn more about Hunters in WoW.

My aim with this blog is to explain what I know about Hunters (whether I am right or not), and what I still want to learn. I also want to document my progress in the end game process, which for me is basically raiding. I am not much for PvP, but I will include what little I know in some future posts.

For those who want to look me up, my main character is Ruenn on Cenarius, a PvE server. Our guild, Optical Illusion, has been raiding Karazhan for a while now, and I have been getting better and better at playing my role in the raids. I am not usually called upon for crowd control, which is good because the freeze trap seems to have been nerfed of late. So I am pretty much just DPS now, and I have been averaging about 360 damage per second in most raids. That's usually third in our groups, depending on who attends.

Ours is a small guild, since we place as much importance on good manners as in good player skills, so we do not have a large pool of players to choose from when raiding. However, several of the players have more than one character ready for Karazhan, so we can usually put together a good mix. Also, the entire guild is dedicated to making all players better, and we do not use the DKP system to control who gets which drops. Because of this, newer players tend to improve very quickly, which makes our raids that much stronger.

Well, time for me to start getting ready for tonight's raid. I will be posting after we are done to let everyone know how we did!

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