Sunday, November 30, 2008

Questing and Gold

For players who are hell-bent on leveling, it can sometimes be tough to make enough gold to do the things you want to do. Today as I reached Level 40, which was the old Mount requirement, I noticed that my bank alt (my only other toon on this server) had well over 100 gold, plus about another 100 gold worth of stuff in the Auction House. Plus my main had well over 30 gold.
Level 40 and over 130 gold in just two weeks, and I am not even counting the two Blue items I still have to sell, as those were just lucky drops.
Despite having gotten this far this fast I really don't play a lot of hours, as both my job and my blogging keep me pretty busy. I just make use of some of the guides I bought for fast leveling and making gold in order to save me a bunch of time. Sure, I lose out on the thrill of "discovery", but for me the Internet is a way to share information. Why should I reinvent the wheel when someone has already gone to the trouble?
I like achievement more than discovery when it comes to gaming. I know not everyone is like that, and they would prefer to figure it all out for themselves. Others want to use the Internet and look up information in sites and forums and such, and trust that the info they get is not out of date. I have done that, but I still go back to the guides as a means of saving time. After all, any time I save looking up what quests I ought to do next, or what items will get me the best stats, or which spec is best for my Hunter while leveling, is time that I can spend actually leveling.
Check out the links on the right if you want to see the guides I use.

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