Sunday, November 23, 2008

Level 31

Once again, some fast progress, but mostly because it was a day off from work. already at level 31 on my Tauren!
I was worried that I would not be able to afford my mount; back before I took my break it was still level 40 before you could get a mount, but I always had enough money by that time. Now at 30 I was not sure, but it turns out that it costs under 45 gold. I was able to sell some silver bars and bronze bars, and 3 silk cloth stacks and I had more than enough. I made my way to Bloodhoof Village and got my brown kodo, and then I lost it! Or so I thought...
Again, Blizzard has changed things a bit...before my break you had to keep your mount summoner in your inventory, but now it is more like your spells or macros. Woohoo -- more bag space!
So now I am in Stranglethorn Vale working on the hunting quests for Nessingwary. I always make a ton of money there on skinning, and these quests seem to be made for Hunters. I just wish there was a mail box at the camp so I could free up my bag space! But there is even some good vendor trash there: Bristly Whiskers off the cats there sell for about 83 silver a stack, not bad for low 30's!

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