Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back After a Rest

Yes, I am back after a long rest away from the game. As I expected, the excitement of Wrath of the Lich King was enough to bring me back!
Due to the long queues on the server where my Main is, I decided to start a new toon on a different server. This time I decided to go with a Horde toon, as I have some friends on this server. My new toon is a Tauren Hunter, which I started a week ago. He is at Level 28 already, but not very wealthy yet (with no Main to bankroll him!)
I am not sure if it is because leveling for Horde is supposedly easier, or if there were changes that made leveling easier, but I am going through levels faster than I recall doing previously. I am using Joana's Guide for Horde to decide where to go and what quests to do, and I think this is the main reason I am leveling so fast. If I did not "waste" time on professions I expect I could have been about Level 35 by now, or maybe even higher. But I prefer to have some money in my pocket when I can get a mount, so I went with mining and skinning as usual. Skinning is super easy to level, but mining is a little tougher as you have to keep your eyes out for nodes.
Currently I am finishing off some quests in Ashenvale.

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