Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Hunter AddOn

When not hanging around in Azeroth or the Outlands, I work as a computer programmer. It's not as glamorous as slaying dragons, and I don't get to ride griffins to work, but it pays the bills.
However, it does give me some background knowledge that I can use in WoW, specifically in creating Add-ons for WoW. I have purchased a big fat book that will teach me all the technology that I need to learn, so I now ask you to tell me what features you would most like to see in a new Add-on.
These features can be aimed at use for Hunters, or for all players -- I want to hear it all! If I get a lot of different features I might break them out into different add-ons; but everyone who gives me a suggestion will be given an opportunity to try the out before they are published to the general public.
One feature that I thought of was comparing items for the same slot and determining which is "best" for Hunters. There is a calculation process that looks at Agility, Hit Rating, Crit Rating, Attack Points, etc. It would be nice to have a feature that says "this item is 100 Hunter Points, and this one is 105." Or something to that effect.
Any other ideas?


Randal said...

Great idea, I often run across items that appear to be an upgrade but that are not once I spend DKP to aquire them, then I feel like a heal. Another cool add-on I think would be what enchants and gems based on what you have already equipped would best benifit max DPS. My toon is Killyntyme on the Dragonmaw server, and by far am not maximizing the use of gems and enchants, mainly because of the cost of those and frequesncy of gear change, but a list incorporating current AH prices for mats would allow for a happy medium until end game gear is gained then you can spend the rediculous amounts required for the best gem/enchant. But a list would be helpful.

Erik said...

I like this idea a lot...I am fairly certain they include gem slot info in the interface, so I am going to check that out. Thanks for the input!

Herefishy said...

Hi, appreciate you offering your services as it were, there have to be a huge amount of addon ideas out there without the skills to match their potential.

Your idea for a Hunter gear points addon is a good one, but one I think already has a pretty good solution. I use Pawn, which calculates your gear points based on the weighting you give to each stat. This info shows in the tooltip, and you can have several scales (sets of stat weightings) active, so your auction alt can see how good gear is for all your other alts at once, just have a scale set up for each class & spec.

Of course, if you want to develop your own set up just the way you want, enjoy - I'm a programmer too, I know how the challenge and satisfaction can be their own reward. It can also be kinda disheartening to finish something, then realise there's already a solution available.

Erik said...

Thanks for the pointer, herefishy. I am going to search for this, but if you have a link for this add on perhaps you could post it?
And I totally know what you mean about finding out that what you made has been made before! The only satisfaction I get out that experience is knowing that I can tweak it whenever I want.

Herefishy said...

Sorry, I keep doing that - posting about something without referencing it. Bad habit I'm trying to break! Here's the link:


There's a link there to forums where people have posted some scales. There may not be one to suit your exact class & spec, especially soon after a patch, but you can get it close enough to start with, then tweak it as you go along.

What might be really useful in an addon like this is some built-in guidelines as to what stats are important for each class, and why. You could get quite in-depth here for different specs, and it'd need updating after each patch, but it'd really help people get an understanding of how their class works.

Erik said...

I forgot to update this post, too...I ended up finding Pawn and built a BM Hunter scale based on some pretty good analysis that I found. I will post a link for it as soon as I find it again. Anyway, Pawn ended up being exactly what I had envisioned, so your comment about potentially wasting my time on this particular function was dead on.
As to Randal's comment above regarding gem slots, Pawn does a decent job of allowing you to deal with it by assigning values to empty gem slots based on color, and with current equipment they show a value with and without the gem (and other buffs).